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IHF rules questions catalogue and random test

Catalogue questions Rules of the Game IHF Edition July 2016 (V1 date publication 01-11-2017)


Regulations on Protective Equipment and Accessories_GB           New Guidelines 2018_GB

If you like to use this new IHF questionnaire of 370 questions (in sections), first write your name and your email adress( small letters) into the box. If you finish the test, no matter what question, press the button: „Quiz Zusammenfassung“  and then „Quiz abschliesen “ Your  name will appear (without the email address) on the ranking list. If you have any questions send me an email to Schiri87@gmail.com

 SORRY, this test does’nt work perhabs with the INTERNET EXPLORER (the EDGE works!) and an active ADBLOCKER !!! . All other browsers are working.

30 random questions

IHF rule questions catalogue

You can start the test after your registration KLICK HERE or if you fill out the 2 title blocks. If you have some questions, please write to me an email to schiri87@gmail.com

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