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Catalogue of Rules Questions
Questions about the IHF Rules of the Game effective as of July 2016
Version 2, publication date: June 2019
Note: All questions have at least one correct answer. However, some questions may have more
than one correct answer.


Regulations on Protective Equipment and Accessories_GB           New Guidelines 2018_GB

Info: I am a german referee and videocoach. I made this test by my own. It´s private, not an official side from the IHF !

If you like to use this new IHF questionnaire of 400 questions (in sections), you finish the test, no matter what question, press the button: „Quiz Zusammenfassung“  and then „Quiz abschliesen „. After this you will press the button “ Fragen ansehen“ and you are able to see your result. If you have any questions send me an email to schiri87@gmail.com

 SORRY, this test does’nt work perhabs with the INTERNET EXPLORER (the EDGE works!) and an active ADBLOCKER !!! . All other browsers are working.

IHF rule questions catalogue

This is the official IHF question catalouge 2019 . If you have some questions, please write to me an email to schiri87@gmail.com

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