Question test rules 8 and 16


I´m trying to incorporate the new current IHF rule questions because this question catalouge is an old version!!!

This homepage is created by me privately and receives no support from the DHB and IHF !

Catalogue of Rules Questions
Questions about the IHF Rules of the Game effective as of July 2016
Version 3, publication date: August 2019
Note: All questions have at least one correct answer. However, some questions may have more than one correct answer.


 SORRY, this test does’nt work perhabs with the INTERNET EXPLORER (the EDGE works!) and an active ADBLOCKER !!! . All other browsers are working.


Info: I am a german referee and videocoach. I made this test by my own.

It´s private, not an official side from the IHF !
First on the side menue you can select your language with the google machine. So everything will translate in your language

If you like to use this new IHF questionnaire to practice the questions of the rules 8 and 16 enter first for ex. your surename then press the button: „start the quiz“  (in sections), you can finish the test, no matter what question you are, press the button: „Quiz Summary“  and then „completing Quiz „. After this you will press the button “ all issues“ and you are able to see your result. If you have any questions send me an email to



Rules question test- rules 8 and 16

Test your knowhow espacially rules 8 and 16. Its all for free!

Bestenliste: Rules question test- rules 8 and 16

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